DECTA provides a flexible payment processing platform to support all your online payment needs.

Online Payments

For debit transactions, you can choose whether to perform card authorisation and financial capture as a single event and immediately debit the funds from the payer's account, or separate the two events and only at your command debit the funds, initially only held in the payer's account.

One-click payments are suited for your loyal customers to pay for goods or services within seconds. Making a fast and clean checkout experience is crucial for increasing conversions and customer retention. With our payment gateway one-click payments, you can simplify payments and integrate a PAY NOW button into your website or mobile app, making online shopping as simple and smooth as possible.

Recurring Billing

Maximize your long-term revenue streams and let your customers live a worry-free life. It is all about leveraging recurring billing services and eliminating monthly payments made manually. Our recurring billing is a smart and simple solution for any business, providing goods or services repeatedly to the same customers.

MOTO Payments

Mail Order and Telephone Order (MOTO) provides everything a merchant needs to manually process card-not-present transactions by mail or phone. Our MOTO processes payments instantly from anywhere in the world and accepts phone order purchases. It means your customers can shop for goods or services without leaving their homes or using e-commerce websites. Customers are still in contact with the merchant to have a personalized shopping experience.

Dynamic Descriptor

Dynamic Descriptor provides a detailed description of transactions to help your customers recall their buying experience and avoid any disputes. In most cases, well-designed and informative dynamic descriptors eliminate any ambiguities or concerns about bank statements, as well as reduce chargebacks and identity fraud-related risks.

Automate your invoice generation and let your customers pay, using a unique payment link. Payment by Link and Invoice offers a simple and convenient way to create and send customized emails to your customers with an integrated PAY NOW button. This service automatically generates an invoice and lets customers pay instantly, using their credit or debit cards.

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