Full Page Checkout

Full page checkout payment page works across all devices and is designed to use all the available viewport space. When using Full Page Checkout, your customer will be redirected to DECTA's full page checkout address and Gate will manage the whole payment process from this point. Afterwards, Gate will navigate your customer's browser back to your website, using the redirect URL you have configured. This solution is best suited for situations when a quick integration has to be established.

Embedded Checkout

Embedded Checkout can be integrated into any website and allows customers to pay without navigating away from it. To use the iFrame, you just have to take the iFrame checkout URL from the received order response and place it in an appropriate spot on your own checkout page.

Direct Post

Customize order flow and/or design the payment form yourself, using Direct Post. With this checkout method, customers enter their card data into a payment form located on your website (no redirects of iframe embedding needed). Once the customer enters their card credentials, they can submit the form and post their data to our system. From there, we take care of their navigation, making sure they pass 3D Secure checks and are redirected back to you according to the payment result.


This functionality allows you to pass payment information (including payment card data), using​ API JSON format​. As a merchant, you have to have a PCI DSS certificate (SAQ level D) to be able to fully use this functionality.

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