After the Payment



You can create webhooks to set up callbacks and get notified about certain events from DECTA Gate. Once created, DECTA Gate will contact your servers whenever a hooked event fires. You do not need to do it for each individual order: setting up a webhook once will fire for all related events.

To receive callbacks as a Partner, you can select the “Partner webhooks” radio button in the “Webhooks type” section. After that, you need to select the connected merchants, for which you want to receive the callbacks, in the “Connected merchants” section. When a callback is received, the body of the callback will contain the merchant ID by which you can identify the particular connected merchant.

Supported Event Types

Event ID Description
order.issued an order has been issued
order.payment_success customer has successfully paid for the order
order.payment_failure an error has occurred during the order payment
order.hold funds for the order have been reserved
order.canceled an order has been cancelled; additionally, if funds were reserved for this order (skip_capture = true), they will be returned
order.in_progress an order has been issued and is being processed
order.invoice_viewed customer has viewed the invoice for this order
order.invoice_refunded merchant has refunded the invoice for this order
order.invoice_reversal merchant has reversed the invoice for this order
order.refund_failure an error occurred during the invoice refund
order.invoice_refund_reversed a refund has been reversed
order.refund_init_failure an error has occurred during the process of initialization of a refund
order.reversal_init_failure an error has occurred during the process of initialization of a reversal
order.reversal_failure an error occurred during the invoice reversal
order.refund_in _progress an invoice refund is being processed
order.reversal_in _progress an invoice reversal in being processed
order.received an order has been received
order.rejected an invoice has been rejected by the customer
order.expired an order has expired
order.chargeback a chargeback has been received
order.representation a representation has been processed
order.retrieval a retrieval request has been received
order.pre-arbitration a pre-arbitration has been received
order.good_faith a good faith has been received
order.fraud_advice a fraud advice has been received
oct.issued an OCT order has been issued
oct.success an OCT transaction has been successfully executed
oct.failure an error has occurred during OCT transaction execution
card.created customer's card data has been saved
card.deleted customer's card data has been deleted
card.updated customer's card data has been updated

You can alternatively set all_events to true to hook all events to the same callback URL in one request.

Payment Response Analysis

Merchant Advice Code

The parameter merchant_advice_code provides additional information on a given transaction response decline. Merchant Advice Codes are supported by Mastercard to enable issuers to communicate insights to acquirers and merchants and thus let them optimize their subsequent retry strategies for declined transactions.

01 New account information available
02 Cannot approve at this time, try again later
03 Do not try again
04 Token requirements not fulfilled for this token type
21 Payment Cancellation

Merchant advice code values 03 and 21 are intended to send a clear message that a transaction should not be resubmitted for approval:

  • Value 03 is sent by issuers to indicate that an account is closed or fraudulent, and that no further approvals will be forthcoming;
  • Value 21 is sent by Mastercard Payment Cancellation Service (PCS) to indicate a cardholder canceled the agreement and instruct the merchant and acquirer to not retry the transaction.

In order to avoid unnecessary declines, pay close attention to the returned merchant advice code value.

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