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Payment Response Analysis

Merchant Advice Code

Not all acquirers return this value; however, if it is returned, it should be analyzed.

The parameter merchant_advice_code provides additional information on a given transaction response decline. Merchant Advice Codes are supported by Mastercard to enable issuers to communicate insights to acquirers and merchants and thus let them optimize their subsequent retry strategies for declined transactions.

01 New account information available
02 Cannot approve at this time, try again later
03 Do not try again
04 Token requirements not fulfilled for this token type
21 Payment Cancellation

Merchant advice code values 03 and 21 are intended to send a clear message that a transaction should not be resubmitted for approval:

  • Value 03 is sent by issuers to indicate that an account is closed or fraudulent, and that no further approvals will be forthcoming;
  • Value 21 is sent by Mastercard Payment Cancellation Service (PCS) to indicate a cardholder canceled the agreement and instruct the merchant and acquirer to not retry the transaction.

In order to avoid unnecessary declines, pay close attention to the returned merchant advice code value.

AVS Response Codes

If you are using Address Verification System, then in the response you will receive avs_status object:

    "avs_status": {
                "description": "Street address and ZIP code do not match",
                "avs_status": "N",
                "avs_status_timestamp": "2022-10-26T07:17:17Z"
avs_status description
A Street address matches ZIP code does not match
B Street address matches. ZIP code not verified (incorrect format)
C Street address and ZIP code not verified (incorrect format)
D Street address and ZIP code match
F Street address and ZIP code match. Applies to UK-issued cards
G Not verified or not supported
I Street address and ZIP code not verified
M Street address and ZIP code match
N Street address and ZIP code do not match
P ZIP code matches. Street address not verified (incorrect format)
R Service unavailable
S Not supported
T Nine-digit zip code matches address does not match
U Address not verified due to lack of issuer support or system malfunction
W ZIP code matches street address does not
X ZIP code and address match
Y Cardholder street address and ZIP code match
Z ZIP code matches

DECTA Gate does not make any automatic decisions based on the AVS response codes! These codes are merely informative and merchants themselves must analyze the returned codes in order to take appropriate actions (e.g., reverse or refund the payment).

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